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Eine englischsprachige Aufforderung

»Steh auf und verteidige deine Rechte!«


Von Alexandra Wester


I‘m always going to speak up for what I believe is right, and what is wrong. And I will never have anyone, whether it‘s the media, the government, or the big masses, manipulate my feeling for what is justified, and what isn‘t.

People give up all of their morals just to keep their illusion of safety, and they are going to attack you if you are about to take their illusion. But I‘m not mad, I mean, just have a look at the past. And then go read that book Psychology of Crowds by Gustave Le Bon. You are going to understand.

Last year, it would have not been OK to force vaccines on humans. Last year, it would have not been OK to install programs on your phone to track and control all of your contacts. And last year, it would have never been OK to put lawyers, journalists and doctors who defend our human rights into prison or psychiatry. Just go have a look at our children being locked up in homes of domestic violence at this very moment. Open your eyes to all of these cancer patients, being denied of treatment right now. And then watch our brothers and sisters being shot for leaving the house at this very moment.

If you stand for, and defend human rights — it doesn‘t matter whether it‘s about racism, emancipation, worldwide hunger, or all other social inequalities — and if you feel and know that these things going on right now are everything else but right, but you don‘t speak up because you are afraid of backlash coming your way — then take the word activist out of your bio, because this right now is the time to be active. Guys, get up and defend your rights! There‘s big backlash, and big injustice coming our way. If we don‘t stand up for our rights right now, they would be forgotten.

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